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Ten Tips for Building a Thriving Online Social Community

Creating an online community that thrives is an extremely rewarding endeavor for any law firm looking to capture their target clients and demonstrate thought leadership in a particular practice area. A successful online community can help law firms and lawyers innovate and develop new relationships with influencers, customers and prospects. Creating a community is the easy […]

The 5 Tenets of Social: Listen, Learn, Engage, Measure, Adapt

The world of social media marketing is constantly evolving and can be viewed as a fast pace changing environment, everyday we hear of new technology, new platforms and more efficient ways of doing business. But, the core principles of social media marketing never change and are extremely necessary for a successful outcome. In Brian Solis’ […]

How Lawyers Can Use Social Media to Promote Their Practice in Real Time

Real-time marketing in social media is a strategy that can and should also be employed by savvy lawyers and law firm marketing directors. There are many social media monitoring tools available that will enable lawyers and law firm marketing professionals to monitor conversations and posts on social media and provide them with an opportunity to […]

The Best Way to Get A Reporter's Attention?

“How do I get you to publish a story on the partners at my firm?” “Why don’t you publish lawyer profiles?” These were some of the questions that law firm PR professionals were asking reporters at an event for law firm media professionals. The event was organized to allow law firm professionals and PR agencies […]

10 Steps Toward Re-engineering Your Firm as a Social Law Firm

The business of law is undergoing significant change. Competition is fierce and clients are looking for firms that will offer them more than traditional legal advice. At the same time, companies across all industries are rapidly adopting social technologies and practices as a way to enhance their productivity, gain a competitive advantage and develop customer […]

Why Developing Personal Brands is Crucial in Law Firms

I recently read an excellent book called The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work by Cheryl and Mark Burgess.  The book’s central theme concerns the concept of the social employee, which the authors define as someone who effectively cultivates his or her personal brand and thereby comes to play a key role as company representative […]

Has Social Media Replaced the Law Firm "Old Boy Network"?

“If the world operates as one big market, every employee will compete with every person anywhere in the world who is capable of doing the same job. There are lots of them and many of them are hungry.” Andy Grove We work in a global economy. The rapid evolution of technology has enabled the world to […]

Who is Responsible for Social in Your Law Firm?

Who owns social in your law firm? If your firm is like most, social is probably owned by the marketing department. Other law firms may assign the responsibility for social to the IT department or Corporate Communications. However, if one looks at social in a truly holistic way, the responsibility for social media should be shared […]

Five Tips to Consider When Hiring for Social Media

I recently had a conversation with an old acquaintance from law school who is now a practicing lawyer at a successful law firm – that shall remain nameless for anonymity. Once we caught up and she learned I had changed professions from practicing law to digital marketing consultant for lawyers and law firms she eagerly told […]