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How Law Firms can Optimize their Website for Social Media

Social media optimization for law firms I have spoken with several firms recently that are in the midst of a major website redesign effort. Frankly, I’m glad to see firms are finally moving to retire the old “brochure” layout in favor of adopting new functionality as well as a more contemporary look and feel. If […]

Two Ways to Immediately Improve Your Law Firm's Content Marketing

If you want to get a job done there are 2 essential things to bear in mind. First, you have to find the right person to put in charge. For every important task somebody’s neck should be on the line (and not buried in the sand) – otherwise it’s pretty certain that nothing much will […]

Do Large Law Firms Need a Chief Digital Officer?

Over the last year, a new position has been created by many Fortune 1000 companies — the Chief Digital Officer.  The CDO joins the executive suite as an important new player charged with the responsibility  of defining the strategy for a company’s deployment and use of social and digital technology. According to a blog post in the MIT […]