Public Relations and Media Strategy

We can negotiate and manage your traditional media campaigns through an integrated marketing program.

Media PlanningFor all the buzz about digital and content marketing, the most trusted resources are still independent media and industry organizations – The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, National Law Journal, Association of Corporate Counsel, Law.com. Whenever you and your content appear in those arenas, that’s a good thing. Our team has deep experience in legal media, from journalism to advertising to events production. Targeting the right print and online media, we can place ads and content in publications, connect with news outlets, and arrange for you to sponsor, attend and/or speak at relevant events and webinars. By adding our technological and industry expertise to your media strategy we can help grow your brand and get the most out of your content.


Advantages of integrating traditional and digital marketing

Brand Awareness: To know you is to follow you. Raising your profile through traditional media only serves to strengthen your digital brand. When your audience knows and trusts you, they are likely to seek you out online and through social networks. They want access to the content you’ve created because your reputation and brand precede you.

Thought Leadership: Traditional marketing drives digital attention. When anyone intrigued by one of your articles or speeches searches for you online, your social networks top the list, as well any content that fits their specific interests. This reinforces your image as a thought leader and also attracts media looking for subject matter experts as speakers and contributors.

Broader Platform: Repurpose and share content across channels. Multichannel marketing means more places and ways to use and promote your content. Repurpose blog content for print collateral. Engage your audience and develop new followers by live tweeting from events you sponsor. Draw attention to your microsite by writing and speaking on related topics.

Measuring Impact: Use digital campaigns to show the ROI of traditional marketing efforts. Measuring ROI is a challenge with traditional media. But we can track digital activity, such as spikes in web traffic or a burst of new followers in the wake of ad campaigns, media coverage or events. Over time, you can determine what’s having the most impact and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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