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How does your law firm rate versus your competition? We can tell you.

Law firms and legal service providers are still in the early stages of developing a digital presence, and the way forward is not always clear. When you’re caught up in your day-to-day responsibilities, it can be difficult to keep up with the technology and the trends, to know what measurements matter and how to set reasonable expectations.

From our one-on-one experience with scores of clients, we understand what questions and answers are most meaningful, and what data will be valuable and useful to you both practically and politically. Our custom analysis can also show you how your social media efforts and results match up with that of your main competitors. When you need to justify your digital marketing spend and budget, this objective data can help prove your case.

Plenty of studies look at trends in digital marketing, but law firms are not like other businesses. Considering the time and resources going towards these initiatives, it’s essential to know what other firms are doing and trying, what’s working and what’s not.

Using our wealth of knowledge about digital marketing in the legal space, we have created an essential resource that does just that. Our proprietary report, the Social Law Firm Index®, is the original social media analysis of the legal industry. This annual study provides a comparative analysis of the use of social media by the AmLaw 100 law firms. We also put our research in context with new developments in digital and content marketing – new platforms, new tools, new algorithms, as well as user trends — how they experience content, what they want, and in what form they want it.

If you’re looking to establish specific benchmarks for your firm, we can create a custom report that evaluates your efforts and measures your achievements against those of your peers and competitors. If you are interested in reviewing general industry trends, you’ll benefit from the latest Social Law Firm Index®.

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