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Williams LLP is a New York City-based law firm representing individuals and businesses in international and domestic litigation and transactional matters. The firm felt that its website was in need of a redesign and approached Good2bSocial seeking a more up-to-date look and feel, including a new logo, typography, color palette, and responsive layout.

With a fairly extensive list of service offerings, we needed to carefully consider (and restructure) the hierarchy of categories and sub-categories, as well as the overall layout of the site, to maximize user experience, SEO best practices, and user engagement via form submissions.


We carefully selected a color palette that would keep the actionable items at the forefront of the user experience. Using red for all buttons and links, and with gray, white, and black for remaining elements, we were able to create a high contrast between informational content and call-to-action components on each page.

Services-related page templates were thoughtfully designed to enable expansion of page content for SEO purposes. We also added side-bar content to each service page to ease navigation for category and subcategory searches, along with a direct call-to-action encouraging users to complete a contact form. 

Finally, we used the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to allow the client to easily update and add new content in the future, as well as WP Engine for website hosting to to maximize site speed.


The firm was extremely pleased with the final product, a modern and dynamic website that can be easily expanded as the firm continues to grow.

The redesigned site grants our client the ability to enhance SEO by easily adding new content to  Services pages. As new blogs are posted to the “News & Insights” section, we can also begin targeting specific blogs to each Service page.  

Because we also included a framework to add a “Testimonials and Case Studies” section to the site in the near future, the client can prepare those assets at a comfortable pace, secure in the knowledge that we will be able to take those features “live”  at any time with a simple flip of a switch.

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Need To Generate More Leads For Your Law Firm?

Need To Generate More Leads For Your Law Firm?