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Oregon Business magazine recently named Sussman Shank one of “100 Best Businesses to Work for in Oregon” for the 16th year in a row. Ranking at #20, the firm was one of just four law firms included on the magazine’s 2022 list of medium-sized companies.

Obviously proud of this achievement, and recognizing that it wouldn’t have been possible without their employees, The firm sought to run a social media campaign throughout the month of March showcasing the amazing “People of Sussman Shank.”


To highlight the incredible and adventurous individuals who are Sussman Shank, Good2bSocial designed and created “Employee Spotlight” social media posts for each of the 40+ employees who chose to participate in the campaign. Participants were asked to submit a photo and provide a few details – bucket list items, background on their photo, pandemic survival tip, favorite quote, etc. – to provide a glimpse into their lives outside of the office.

In addition to sharing the individual “Employee Spotlight” posts to the firm’s existing LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, the content was also shared to a new Instagram account we created ahead of the campaign launch. We are wrapping up the “People of Sussman Shank” campaign with a collage of all of the firm’s employees and a video thanking them for all of their hard work and dedication.


By successfully sharing the individual “Employee Spotlight” posts to Sussman Shank’s social media accounts, including the newly created Instagram, we were able to increase the firm’s following on social media and enabled the firm to convey the culture of the firm and its employees.  The social media campaign drove significant engagement, with many followers reacting to the posts via “shares,” “likes,” and congratulatory messages noting the “100 Best” achievement.

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Need To Generate More Leads For Your Law Firm?

Need To Generate More Leads For Your Law Firm?