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The Bolour / Carl Immigration Group is a boutique immigration law firm primarily focused on helping clients reach their immigration-related goals. The firm identified an opportunity to serve transportation companies that needed to recruit truck drivers from other countries through the H-2B visa application process. In order to generate new leads and acquire new clients, the firm  sought to create a campaign that would demonstrate its knowledge and experience in this area.


Our team helped develop the strategy and executed the campaign by first creating a landing page that explained the H-2B visa program and the application process. Then our writers created a series of blog posts on the H-2B visa program that enabled the firm to showcase their knowledge and experience in this area. Finally, our team developed a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to help drive qualified visitors to the landing page.


Over the last two months, the campaign has generated over 2,000 page views and is holding both a #1 and #2 ranking on search engines for queries related to H-2B visas for truck drivers. The landing page has generated 22 qualified leads with a 25.71% conversion rate per visit and, as a result, the firm acquired five new clients.

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Need To Generate More Leads For Your Law Firm?

Need To Generate More Leads For Your Law Firm?