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Blogging for Lawyers


Become a successful legal blogger and learn how to strategically grow your practice and network.

Learn the fundamentals of blogging, how to create content that engages, and expand your law firm’s potential.

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Session 1: Setting a long term strategy from the beginning
  • Passion is key
  • Finding a niche
  • Look for your audience
  • Establish goals
Session 2: Getting started
  • Blogging platform and why WordPress is preferred
  • Managed platform
  • Independent publication site or part of a website?
  • Choosing a blog title and domain
  • Branding and design
  • Group vs. individual blog
  • Email notifications
  • Growing importance of RSS
  • Organizing your blog
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Promotional pages—About the lawyer, about your services
Session 3: Blogging in a conversational tone
  • Writing for online readers
  • Posting
    • What
    • Frequency
    • Length of blog post
  • Writing for online readers
  • Use of images
  • Avoid hallmarks of complex legal writing
Session 4: Listening tools
  • Why listening (strategically reading) is critical
  • Turning what you’re reading into posts
  • How such posts look
  • Twitter as a listening tool
    • Twitter lists
    • Using Twitter to network
  • RSS readers
    • What is a RSS reader (news aggregator)
    • Who uses news aggregators
    • Feedly is preferable
    • What kinds of sources to subscribe to
    • That kinds of terms to subscribe to
  • Mainstream/digital media as listening tools—how to use what you’re
    reading in your normal routine for blog posts
Session 5: Marketing your blog
  • Low-hanging fruit:
    • Using all communications avenues available
    • Personally
    • Promotion on social
  • Being creative:
    • Ask for feedback
    • Enter the conversation
Session 6: Thinking strategically
  • Business development vs. content marketing
  • Who do you want to know that you exist? Who do you want to know that
    your blog exists?
  • Relationships through content
    • Highlight other’s positive work
    • Interview posts
    • Answer questions
Session 7: Maintaining momentum
  • What success looks like in short and long term
  • The role of analytics
    • In shaping content
    • Noting trends
  • Finding a routine
  • Having fun