Blogging for Lawyers



Become a valued coach that can help lawyers grow their books of business, sense of fulfillment and value proposition at their firms.

Learn masterful ways to put your coaching skills to work that will assist lawyers to take their careers to the next level and significantly contribute to the firm’s bottom line.


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Session 1: Setting a long term strategy from the beginning
  • Passion is key
  • Finding a niche
  • Look for your audience
  • Establish goals
Session 2: Getting started
  • Blogging platform and why WordPress is preferred
  • Managed platform
  • Independent publication site or part of a website?
  • Choosing a blog title and domain
  • Branding and design
  • Group vs. individual blog
  • Email notifications
  • Growing importance of RSS
  • Organizing your blog
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Promotional pages—About the lawyer, about your services
Session 3: Blogging in a conversational tone
  • Writing for online readers
  • Posting
    • What
    • Frequency
    • Length of blog post
  • Writing for online readers
  • Use of images
  • Avoid hallmarks of complex legal writing
Session 4: Listening tools
  • Why listening (strategically reading) is critical
  • Turning what you’re reading into posts
  • How such posts look
  • Twitter as a listening tool
    • Twitter lists
    • Using Twitter to network
  • RSS readers
    • What is a RSS reader (news aggregator)
    • Who uses news aggregators
    • Feedly is preferable
    • What kinds of sources to subscribe to
    • That kinds of terms to subscribe to
  • Mainstream/digital media as listening tools—how to use what you’re
    reading in your normal routine for blog posts
Session 5: Marketing your blog
  • Low-hanging fruit:
    • Using all communications avenues available
    • Personally
    • Promotion on social
  • Being creative:
    • Ask for feedback
    • Enter the conversation
Session 6: Thinking strategically
  • Business development vs. content marketing
  • Who do you want to know that you exist? Who do you want to know that
    your blog exists?
  • Relationships through content
    • Highlight other’s positive work
    • Interview posts
    • Answer questions
Session 7: Maintaining momentum
  • What success looks like in short and long term
  • The role of analytics
    • In shaping content
    • Noting trends
  • Finding a routine
  • Having fun