A new year presents new challenges and new opportunities. That’s true in all areas of business, but it’s particularly accurate in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing. Have you considered updating your LinkedIn company page to better generate leads in 2022? Keep reading for eight tactics to optimize your law firm’s profile and content to increase professional networking and lead capabilities. 

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page for Optional Dark Mode

Several other channels have already announced a dark mode option, and LinkedIn has followed suit. It’s particularly important to ensure that your logo and images display properly. You should preview and update all of your images for both modes, even if LinkedIn’s dark mode rollout hasn’t reached you yet. Try to: 

    • Avoid transparent backgrounds. Using editing software, change the logo or image background color from light to dark (or vice versa) to view your logo in both modes. You want your logo to look the same to viewers no matter which version they use. 
    • Add borders to the images you use. If images have white or black backgrounds, they might not appear as you want them to. Consider using a photo editing app to add borders around them. 

2. Update Your LinkedIn Banner Image

Your LinkedIn company page’s banner image is one of the first things visitors to your page will notice. If you haven’t given much thought to it in a while, chances are you need to update it. We suggest using relevant images that highlight new things to share (for example, upcoming events or the latest social proof such as a client quote). 

3. Make Sure Your Tagline and CTA Button Are Aligned

As we mentioned, the banner image is one of the most compelling factors of your page. But are you using that graphic in conjunction with other page elements to drive action? Here are some tips: 

    • Use a tagline that helps with SEO. This tagline has the potential to make a big impact on search engine results and display. 
    • In the latest edition of LinkedIn, you can pick from five custom call-to-action (CTA) buttons: Learn More, Visit Website, Contact Us, Register, and Sign Up. 

4. Engage as Your LinkedIn’s Page

LinkedIn allows company pages to join conversations by sharing content and news. You can find content to share by going to the content tab in your company page’s main menu. You can look in the Company News tab, the Employee News tab, or the Trending Articles tab to find material worth sharing. Then click the Share button and then write a caption to share your insights. After publishing, make sure to come back and respond to comments and engagement.

5. Update Your Content Strategy

Content is a critical part of connecting with your audience. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the latest functionality to create and publish content that resonates and helps with your overall strategy. 

    • Add polls for more engagement. You can always post questions as text, but if you create a poll you can get real answers that provide true insights. You can even make the fourth answer option a fill-in-the-blank for more valuable information. 
    • Host live events on LinkedIn. If your company has embraced live streaming, you might be tempted to rely on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. LinkedIn is a great match for reaching your B2B audience. LinkedIn Live ​​​​lets you host events and connect with customers by live-streaming from your company page.
    • Publish articles from your company page. Articles are an essential part of building thought leadership. Only individuals used to have this option, but in 2022 companies can publish articles as well. Sharing articles on industry news or emerging trends is an integral part of a successful LinkedIn strategy. 
    • Join conversations with hashtag feeds. Though hashtags are not as popular on LinkedIn as other social media platforms, they can still be very helpful for following trending topics or joining important conversations. 

6. Take Advantage of the “Notify Employees” Link

Whether you write articles, share links, or publish videos from your page, it’s important to take action to gain more attention. To get started, on any company page post, click the “Notify Employees” link. Then LinkedIn will immediately alert your employees to new company page content. Encourage your staff to ​​react to, comment on, or share your post with their followers to increase reach.

7. Access Better Analytics

You can use LinkedIn data to learn more about your followers and competitors, but you have to know where to look. Start by opening your company page and clicking the “Analytics” drop-down menu. This information will allow you to: 

    • Get to know your followers. Use LinkedIn’s basic follower metrics to track items like growth. Look at follower demographics to sort by job function, seniority, industry, or location.
    • Analyze key competitors. You can compare up to nine competitors to see how your page measures up. Find follower and organic content metrics to see how your performance compares to other firms. 


LinkedIn can help you to accomplish a variety of goals, such as generating leads and increasing thought leadership. As the platform continues to grow, LinkedIn offers new features to better help you to achieve these goals. Start by implementing these tips with your LinkedIn company page in order to be ready for a successful 2022. If you’re looking to learn more about social media best practices and learn what’s in store for 2022, download our annual report on social media and digital marketing in the legal industry, the Social Law Firm Index.