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Results Driven Marketing

We help lawyers, law firms, and companies that sell to law firms generate more leads and acquire new business.

At Good2bSocial, we understand the peculiarities of digital marketing and social media in the legal industry, and we also have extensive hands-on experience using the latest digital marketing technology. We are ready and more than able to help you generate revenue and improve your digital marketing efforts.

How we help


A digital marketing strategy should be in step with the realities of your business and focus on three things: raising your profile, building credibility in your areas of expertise, and reaching the right people with the right message.

  • Begin with an audit of your website, digital media properties, and digital footprint
  • Conduct an in-depth SEO analysis and compare you to your main competitors
  • Create a measurable, results-driven plan using internal and external data
  • Monitor and adjust the plan based on data to stay on track with your goals


The goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is simple: drive traffic to your website and raise your search rankings so that people can find you online. 

  • Conduct optimal keyword research to determine which terms resonate with your target audience
  • Optimize your site with effective, keyword-rich content to attract the right audience
  • Optimize local SEO: automate your firm’s business information across local directories


Content marketing is about truly engaging your audience and compelling them to take a desired action. Our experienced industry writers will help you communicate your message through authoritative content that informs, educates and engages, ultimately strengthening your relationships.

  • Develop an editorial calendar to ensure a steady flow of content
  • Disseminate content across multiple platforms and channels
  • Attract viewers by incorporating compelling visuals
  • Good2bSocial can create: blog posts, email newsletters, marketing copy, long-form articles, white papers, surveys, eBooks, and webinars.


Immediately impress your visitors with a mobile friendly website that earns trust, demonstrates authority, and conveys your expertise and track record of success.

  • Develop or redesign your current site to complement your overall strategy and is optimized for lead generation
  • Utilize SEO best practices to ensure your website’s relevancy in search engines
  • Set up Google Analytics and Search Console for website traffic reports
  • Setup live chat services and call tracking


Videos and podcasts are exploding in popularity and the legal industry is no exception. They can be newsworthy, entertaining, or educational. Or, a mix of all three.

  • Develop podcast/video strategies that make sense for your firm
  • Edit podcasts and videos for highly professional final cuts
  • Promote your podcasts and videos across digital networks and channels


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising drives prime business targets right to your website or blog.

  • Identify optimal keywords for your audience segments
  • Create strong calls to action on landing pages for increased conversions
  • Set budgets that strike the right balance between cost and traffic volume
  • Constantly monitor and modify your ad campaigns for the best results


We apply data intelligence to all digital marketing services so you can learn the effects of marketing decisions and how they affect your bottom line.

  • Monitor how your visitors and followers behave and engage online
  • Determine the success criteria whether that be engagement, acquisition, or retention and report on associated KPIs
  • Create custom reports and dashboards to track and monitor your digital KPIs in real time


Email marketing is an imperative marketing tool for generating leads and acquiring clients.

  • Define and divide your target audience into distinct segments
  • Personalize campaigns based on various audience segments
  • Create engaging emails optimized for higher open and click rates
  • Utilize marketing automation to develop drip and nurture campaigns

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website already has the traffic. Now, it’s time to turn that traffic into new contacts and more leads. Our conversion rate optimization (CRO) services help you understand why more visitors are not converting from your website. Then we fix it.

  • We analyze heatmaps to find out where clients and prospects are converting, and where they’re not
  • Redesign your site based on your visitor’s clicks and movements to grow conversions

Webinar Production & Promotion

We make it easy for you to create and broadcast professional webinars that help your law firm stand out as a thought leader in your practice area, while creating new opportunities to build rapport and engagement with your target audience.

  • We manage the process from start to finish; from landing page creation to promotional drip and follow up email campaigns
  • We can help you implement features such as surveys, live polling, breakout rooms, and much more

Virtual Digital Marketing Training

We teach individuals and groups the elements and skill sets required to be successful using digital marketing and social media.

LinkedIn Advertising | Facebook Advertising | Social Media Management | SEO | Content Marketing | Measurement and Analytics | Digital Strategy | Lead Generation

Marketing Technology Consulting

As marketing technologies like CRM and automation platforms continue to advance, law firms are trying to figure out which tools to use, how these changes will impact their employees, and how to get marketing and business development to collaborate effectively.

We provide marketing technology consulting to help firms develop custom martech stacks to realize efficiency and scalability of business development and marketing programs.

Some of our clients

Why Choose Good2bSocial?

Good2bSocial has helped my firm in so many different ways. They created a social media presence for my company as well as put my firm on the first page of many Google searches through search engine optimization. Their attention to detail and dedication to helping my firm succeed has made me extremely happy with their work…

– Leslie Schreiber
Founder, Leslie Schreiber, P.A.

Good2bSocial has been incredibly successful in crafting our content strategy, managing social, and driving digital marketing campaigns to grow the firm. We’ve been especially pleased with the number of quality leads the firm has been able to consistently acquire from LinkedIn and Facebook Advertising. I can’t recommend Good2bSocial highly enough.

– Evan Schwartz
Schwartz, Conroy & Hack PC.

Good2bSocial has helped me get the most value out of the time and effort I invest in content marketing and social media, and has helped me to augment my reputation as a thoughtful voice in my areas of practice. Good2bSocial understands the practice of law. I highly recommend Good2bSocial to any lawyer who is looking to generate real business results.

– Judy Selby
Former Partner, Baker Hostetler

Working with Good2bSocial has completely revolutionized the customer-facing profile of my business. From designing a web/social-media strategy and platform, to full implementation, to on-going consulting, coaching and fine-tuning, I never knew all the things I was doing wrong until Good2bSocial showed me how easy it is to do it right.

– Brian Schachter
Founder, Schachter & Levine, LLP

Good2BSocial and Guy Alvarez have far exceeded our expectations. I have been trying for years to truly comprehend the power of social media and web analytics, and now I am much better prepared to make good decisions. Within a short amount of time, Guy developed a social media strategic focus for our firm which we are implementing. We consider Good2BSocial to be an integral part of our team as they contribute rock solid ideas and strategy.

– Cory B. Cullen
Director of Marketing, Hopkins Carley

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