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Top 5 SEO Law Firms: Mergers & Acquisitions

Many lawyers today know how important search engine rankings are for their practice, as do their clients. When searching for a lawyer or law firm, people use search engine rankings as an indication of reputation and competence in an area of law. We have recently...

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The ABC’s of Writing Winning Law Firm Headlines

Content is more important than ever. If you can’t engage, you can’t win with marketing in today’s landscape. Successful content marketing begins with the headline. Think of how many pieces of content you make time to read, simply because of the headline. The opposite...

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A Law Firm’s Guide to Pop-ups

Pop-ups are the windows that act out their name by popping up on your screen at the most unexpected times. Some are small, and some are nearly full-screen size. The large ones can be the most annoying to users, as they cover up the page that they’re trying to read. Is...

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Troutman Sanders Launches Client-Centered Site

In an increasingly competitive legal landscape, clients have more options than ever when it comes to choosing the right law firm for their needs. As a result, firms are adapting into more client-centric models which includes focusing on the client in all marketing and...

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How to use Twitter for Link Building

If you’ve been following digital marketing at all, you know that link building is a critical component. Link building is the practice of securing links with high-authority online publishers. Many times, that’s easier said than done. That’s where Twitter comes in. To...

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5 Inspiring Law Firm Facebook Pages

An effective social media page is much like an effective marketing campaign - it’s relative to the targeted audience. Often times, firms confuse being relatable with being effective, leading to a social media page that doesn’t quite resonate with its target audience....

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The Importance of Online Reviews for Your Practice

As we get further into the digital age, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Connectivity proves to be both a blessing and a curse for law firms and their success. With large networks comes oversaturation and competition - two words that can result in your firm’s...

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How Podcasts Can Help Your Law Firm’s SEO

When most law firms think about SEO strategies, they mostly think about building backlinks and creating content. Podcasts can also be an excellent addition to your existing SEO strategy. Additionally, podcasts add value to your website by providing visitors with...

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