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Our Insights

Repurposing Law Firm Content for Featured Snippets

If you search on Google, then you’re familiar with featured snippets. Always helpful, have you given much thought to how these are selected? They are key for your firm’s content and SEO efforts, for a few reasons: They make search easier for users - which directly...

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A Guide to LinkedIn Hashtags for Lawyers

Hashtags are one of the building blocks of social media. Heavily used on Twitter and Instagram, they are any combination of letters or numbers following the “#” sign. Hashtags for lawyers are important because they make your content (and therefore you and your firm)...

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Improving your Law Firm’s Online Presence

Many law firms and professionals in the legal industry have enjoyed success based on specialized skill sets, great reputations, and client acquisition through word-of-mouth. However, those things are not enough in today’s market. The new word-of-mouth is online...

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5 New Ways for Law Firms to Use Video

Visual data is often preferred and processed faster than text, and statistics show that web pages and online materials with videos are more likely to attract and retain viewers. While the legal industry has been somewhat slow to adapt, most of the Am Law 100 firms now...

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