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10 Google Ads Trends for Law Firms in 2019

Google Ads is here to stay, and 2018 was another huge year in this area of digital marketing. As the year comes to a close and 2019 approaches, we want to point out some top trends that the legal industry should be aware of. A Shift from Keywords to Audiences To...

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Using Instagram to Recruit Millennial Talent

Think back to when you were looking for your first job - the entry level position you so desperately wanted. What resources do you recall using for your first big break? In today’s digital age, 86% of the working class uses social media to start and further their...

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Slack for Law Firms

There are many tools available to help law firms with all aspects of their functionality, including Slack. Slack is particularly useful for communications when it comes to law firms thanks to its confidentiality, ease of use, and other features. For several years...

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Three Law Firm SEO Trends for 2019

To make sure you stay on top of your law firm’s marketing, take some time to familiarize yourself with some of the key law firm SEO trends for 2019. The techniques behind search engine optimization are always changing, so it is essential to know what works and what...

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10 Tips for More Engaging Law Firm Webinars

Webinars are great for so many reasons. They make for a great lead magnet, they’re wonderful marketing tools, they can be saved and repurposed, and they showcase expertise. If you’ve decided to make webinars part of your marketing or business development process,...

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Podcast Ep. 76: The Power of Language with John Klymshyn

In this podcast, John Klymshyn discusses the power of language and how law firms are able to generate awareness and build trust through the language that they use. Podcast Show Notes Author of 11 books, veteran of over a thousand live presentations to firms ranging...

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