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The Top 5 Twitter Influencers on Banking Law

We have discussed the topic of influencer marketing for law firms previously on our blog. To review, influencers are thought leaders in a field or practice area with a reputation for being knowledgeable and well-respected. Influencer marketing can ultimately help...

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Law Day 2019: Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society

First commemorated in 1958 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Law Day is a symbol of the United States’ commitment to the law, and a celebration of the nation’s roots. Although not made official until 1961 by Congress, the idea of a Law Day had first been brought up...

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Social Media Tools for Law Firms

Social media marketing is easily one of the best ways to reach your law firm’s core demographic without a huge financial investment. It can, however, be both time-intensive as well as have a sizeable learning curve. There are five main categories of this form of...

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Developing a Podcast Strategy for Your Law Firm

Audio is an effective yet frequently underutilized medium in content marketing. While podcasts aren’t the only type of audio content out there, they have been growing in popularity. The 2018 Infinite Dial Study by Edison Research found that over 22% of the US, or 73...

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Getting the Most from Your Law Firm’s Livestream

Video is becoming a must-have in the content world. It’s increasingly popular and important, and your target audience now expects to be able to find information easily via video media. In a recent survey from Livestream and New York Magazine, results showed that four...

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The Role of Lawyers in the Marketing Process

While many lawyers recognize the importance of marketing for growing their practices, there are still a great number of lawyers who are anti-marketing for various reasons. Some lawyers are generally skeptical of the need for marketing, uncomfortable with the idea of...

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How Email Marketing Can Improve Your Law Firm’s SEO Strategy

You should already understand the importance of SEO for your law firm as it increases the chances that potential clients will find your company when doing an internet search. Even with a reasonably in-depth understanding of SEO, you may underestimate the importance of...

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