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Four Critical Effects Of GDPR On Marketing

What is GDPR? GDPR means General Data Protection Regulation. It is a unified law that protects the data and privacy of people within 28 European countries. This regulation aims to give individuals control over what happens to the personal data they share with...

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Conducting the Podcast Interview: A Few Tips

A podcast interview is best enjoyed by listeners when conducted in a conversational style. That doesn't mean that, as a host, you can wing it. You have to spend some time preparing and reading up on your guest and devising an outline for the episode that you can riff...

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Podcast Ep. 54: Despina Kartson on the Evolution of Legal Marketing

Our guest today is Despina Kartson, global director of business development and communications at Jones Day, who speaks with us about the biggest changes in legal marketing, as well as her new book Last Night’s Soup Run and her involvement in a local charity for the...

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