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Podcast Ep. 74: Personal Branding for Attorneys

In this podcast, Alyssa Gelbard, the Founder and President of Point Road Group, brings her unique perspective to discuss personal branding for attorneys. Podcast Show Notes Alyssa Gelbard is the Founder and President of Point Road Group, a global personal branding and...

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Top Ten Legal Marketing Blog Posts of 2018

New Year’s is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the next. It’s also the perfect opportunity for us to look back at our most popular blog posts of 2018. It’s always valuable to reflect on what people are most interested in when it...

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Digital Data: The Analytics Law Firms Need to Know

In September, we partnered with Legal Marketing Association to conduct a survey of several law firms on their digital marketing efforts. We were able to share a wealth of valuable data about what firms are doing, how they’re measuring, and where they can improve when...

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The Importance of Content Personalization for Law Firms

One of the most important aspects of successful digital marketing, is content personalization for law firms. Regardless of the industry, clients are faced with a range of choices and the way to stand out is to customize content to the unique needs of your clients....

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