Eight Ways to Up Your Press Release Game

Press Release Tips for Law Firms Every day, newsrooms around the country are inundated with press releases – and legal media organizations are no exception. During my many years as an editor and reporter covering the law, I spent a good deal of time sifting through...

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Who is Responsible for Social in Your Law Firm?

Who owns social in your law firm? If your firm is like most, social is probably owned by the marketing department. Other law firms may assign the responsibility for social to the IT department or Corporate Communications. However, if one looks at social in a truly...

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6 Ways Law Firms Can Use Video To Enhance SEO

Video content on the web is more popular than ever, and its prevalence is only expected to rise as time goes on. As connection speeds and processors get faster, more and more brands are choosing video as their preferred method for getting their message out to the...

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10 Content Marketing Strategies for Legal Vendors

Content helps promote your brand, establish expertise and build trust. Whether you’re a startup tech company or a mature organization serving the legal community, potential customer and industry leaders use content to find and validate you, what you do, and the...

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