Author: Noreen Fishman

How to Hire an SEO Consultant for Law Firms

No matter how talented your digital marketing team is, getting some outside support can prove invaluable. Hiring an SEO expert can offer several benefits such as improving a website’s performance and saving time that can be spent on other efforts. However, when...

The Lawyer’s Guide to Thought Leadership

You might question if it’s necessary to be viewed as an expert in your industry. The fact is that great lawyers tend to be great thought leaders, as well. Being a thought leader is particularly important for lawyers because being viewed as a credible source of...
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The Best Times for Legal Marketers to Post on Social Media

Noreen is the director of client services at Good2bSocial. Her primary responsibility is to help clients achieve their digital marketing goals. This includes managing the Good2bSocial team, ensuring constant communication with clients and updating them on their progress. Connect with Noreen on LinkedIn.