Author: Natalie Moe

12 Law Firm Content Marketing Tactics That Work

Today in legal marketing, it’s all about sharing your expertise and gaining new leads. Though law firm content marketing comes in many forms across several channels, effective strategies increase web traffic, convert more leads, and win clients over time.  There are other benefits too, such as: Increased organic website visitors due to SEO More followers […]

How Law Firms Can Avoid The Email Spam Trap

If email is an important part of your marketing mix – and it is, for most law firms – then you need to be concerned about spam traps. Many legal marketers understand that a spam trap might be out there and that it can hurt their efforts, but they don’t necessarily know what to do […]

Why Do Attorneys Need SEO?

Search engine optimization is crucial for any kind of business. Are you an attorney that’s been overlooking SEO strategy? The truth is, doing so is a mistake that could cost you web traffic, new leads, and added revenue. Here’s a breakdown of why SEO is so important for attorneys – and some tips for improving […]

8 Ways to Optimize Your Legal Content for Better Google Rankings

Having quality content is at the cornerstone of strong SEO (search engine optimization). The search engines’ goal is to give their users the best experience, so they pull the pages with the best content and rank those pages higher. While many factors are at play when optimizing content, there are a few practical steps that […]

The 8 Elements of a Trustworthy Law Firm Website

In recent years, it has become increasingly important to have a well-made website. In the world of legal marketing, having a trustworthy website is of the utmost importance. If a potential client visits your website and doesn’t like what they see, this can easily turn into them exiting out quickly. For legal marketers, this means […]