Author: Kierstin Vermeulen

Law Firm Content Marketing: A Long Term Relationship

Like any long-term relationship, law firm content marketing takes time and a little TLC. But with patience and continuing commitment, law firms can reap the rewards of content marketing with stronger brands and deeper client relationships. Let’s talk about how the investment works. Law firm content marketing allows firms to build a following for their […]

Five Platforms for Managing Law Firm Social Media

Law firm social media can be  a great marketing tool. But with so many social platforms and a high number of followers across them all, it can be difficult to keep track of every post and interaction. To help, we’ve created a list of our five favorite law firm social media management platforms and what, […]

Four lawyer SEO tips to increase traffic to your website

How Lawyer SEO Can Help Generate New Business Search engines can help you make your case with potential clients. They are, after all, how most people locate legal services providers. So it pays to ensure that your site is getting the best placement possible in search results. As we’ve explained in previous blog posts, the better […]

Why Law Firm Search Marketing Helps Generate Leads

Is Law Firm Search Marketing Right For My Firm? To the uninitiated, rising to the top of the search engine food chain might seem like an example of Darwin’s principle of natural selection. However, there’s a tool that can be advantageous to your law firm search marketing strategy and bring your firm closer to the top […]

Law Firm Social Media Strategy: Your Firm's Game Plan

In previous blogs I’ve talked about the benefits of using social media, and perhaps you are finally convinced of the importance of this form of outreach. But before you start using it, you need a plan – a law firm social media strategy. Your law firm social media strategy is a guide for your attorneys and […]

How to Become a Law Firm SEO Star

In the first blog post of our series, we introduced you to search engine optimization and how SEO can help your law firm be even more successful. Now it’s time to take your SEO knowledge to the next level. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few key factors to increase your law firm SEO rankings […]

Generating Opportunities with Law Firm Content Marketing

Law Firm Content Marketing for Business Development and Lead Generation Reading the title of this blog, you’re probably thinking, “How can content marketing help my law firm?” Content marketing has proven to be a successful marketing tool for various businesses throughout the past two centuries. One stellar example of impactful and enduring content marketing is […]

Making the Business Case for Law Firm Social Media Marketing

The Benefits of Law Firm Social Media Marketing Nowadays, everyone is on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn  ̶  you name it. Even businesses are getting in on the action by tweeting out promotions, posting content for marketing, and even communicating with customers to enhance their business relationships. So how about law firms? Can […]

Law Firm SEO: Why is Online Search important for Attorneys?

Surveying the Search Engine Landscape: Law Firm SEO The Internet is the most common tool used to conduct research. People rely heavily on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These people include consumers, enterprises, and your prospective clients, A typical search can yield many pages of results. We know that most people don’t explore […]