Author: Kevin Vermeulen

How to Generate Leads Using Video

People are more drawn to visual content than written materials. It’s the brain’s natural response. Visuals are faster and easier to digest. In the past few years, industries have worked out ways to utilize this cognitive process to promote products or services. As...

Four Proven Tips For Promoting E-Books

E-books are a time-tested way to get the word out about your knowledge, skills, and expertise and provide helpful information to your target audience on a particular subject. If done correctly, e-books can also help to generate a healthy flow of income. The main goal...

What to Do Before Redesigning a Website

It’s inevitable that at one point or another you’re going to want to redesign your law firm’s website. Maybe search rankings have dropped off. Maybe lead generation and conversions have fallen. Maybe it’s just been a while and the site isn’t fitting in with modern...
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How to Generate Leads Using Video

Kevin is a partner and COO for Good2bSocial. He has 30 years of marketing and advertising experience, helping lawyers, law firms, and vendors grow their business. Kevin was previously Sr VP Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for ALM Media. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn and Twitter.