Author: Guy Alvarez

What Can Kids Teach Us About Social Media?

Do you find yourself constantly competing for your kids attention? When you are having dinner, or at a movie or sitting in the car trying to have a conversation? I do. All the time. It is a constant source of irritation for me because as a divorced father I really...

Social Business: The Top Five Myths

Back in December of 2011, Pernod Ricard USA hired me as a consultant. They hired me to help them build and deploy what they called, “a Facebook type application for our employees.” A few weeks after being there and after spending some time meeting and...
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What Can Kids Teach Us About Social Media?

Guy, a former practicing lawyer, is the founder and CEO of Good2bSocial. Guy has advised Fortune 100 companies & AmLaw 100 law firms on all aspects of digital marketing. He helps clients develop digital marketing strategies that enhance their thought leadership position and generate qualified leads. Connect with Guy on LinkedIn.