Robert Sztybel

Director of Special Projects

Robert Sztybel heads marketing for Good2bSocial.  He has held leadership roles at top global mobile technology firms and a few startups, and has provided consultation and guidance to several other enterprises including Pernod Ricard. He is expert in digital transformation, marketing and business strategy, user experience, innovation and mobility. He also serves as marketing lead for In the House, a private network and global community of corporate in-house counsel.

Robert is credited with conceiving and creating the world’s first mobile computing accessory products for PORT Inc. (now Targus), transforming the carrying case company into a leading mobility provider and more than doubling their annual revenue.

Prior to that Robert managed PR and global strategic marketing for IBM’s then newly launched and wildly popular ever since ThinkPad laptops. Robert introduced and rapidly developed a strong brand identity through aggressive media and influencer programs. He also established the ThinkNext industrial design initiative to lead the strategic roadmapping, design and creation of future ThinkPad platforms. He shares an Apex award for his role in developing the ThinkPad 750 series.

Robert graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Management & Technology program with degrees from both the Wharton School and School of Engineering.  He holds two US patents for an on-demand audio platform for wireless phones and is the co-author and lead researcher for Good2BSocial’s annual The Social Law Firm Index.

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