Ways Legal Organizations Can Revive Disengaged LeadsLosing leads is a very real – and very frustrating – part of business. Even if you have done everything correctly and are executing a well-planned strategy to engage leads, eventually some of them are bound to go cold. Whether they went with another company, have new budget limitations, or even changed jobs – you might never know why a lead stopped engaging with your brand. Whatever the reason, it’s unfortunate when leads go dark – but that doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship. Here are 6 ways legal organizations can revive disengaged leads they haven’t heard from in a while. 

6 Ways Legal Organizations Can Revive Disengaged Leads

1. Send leads content that actually helps with their pain points

Think about what is troubling your audience and then send them content related to those topics. Content that’s actually helpful such as checklists, white papers, or blog posts should resonate with leads and remind them of your expertise. Ensure you’re sending content that’s actually relevant to their unique situation and that applies to the challenges you know they’re facing. Prove why your product or service is the best to solve their problems and law firms will be more likely to listen. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach: you need to personalize according to the specific pain points of the individual and their firm. 

2. Just check in

Spend some time investigating what your leads are up to. What updates have they posted on social lately? Have you seen any press releases or news about their law firm? Try reaching out to make a more personal connection and be sure to mention any milestones you’ve noticed. You can also reach out on other channels besides the phone or email — such as LinkedIn — but make sure you’re genuinely interested. Nobody wants to do business with a spammer.

3. Organize virtual educational and networking events

Events are a great way to engage with leads, whether they are new or stale. Host events based on topics that your audience will find helpful. Right now webinars are the most natural option, but sometime in the future you could try in-person events like happy hours. Organize a seminar or panel discussion with partners where prospects are sure to learn some new strategies for their firm. 

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4. Send relevant case studies

The “show, don’t tell” principle applies here. Hopefully you’ve already sent content that explains all the ways you’re great at what you do – why not show them some proof? Look back on some of the great results you’ve had with clients. If any stand out, reach out to that client and ask them to collaborate with you on a case study. From there, develop a case study with engaging copy that highlights real results and the ways that your company helped their firm meet their goals. Once it’s published, send it to any cold leads who might be facing similar challenges or be looking for similar outcomes. 

5. Reach out to someone else

If it’s been a while and you haven’t heard from your primary contact in a firm, it could be appropriate to try a different person. You can mention that you had previously been communicating with another individual but haven’t heard from them lately and want to make sure everything is ok. It’s important to be authentic in this communication and you should avoid the tactic if it might seem like you went behind your first contact’s back. 

6. Keep a quarterly cadence and employ the power of automation

Juggling between nurturing new leads and engaging old ones is time-consuming. It’s easy to let cold leads fall off your radar completely, but you’d be surprised how much business can come from regularly following up with past leads. We recommend keeping a regular follow up schedule that includes reaching out to previous prospects. It could be monthly, quarterly, or even yearly. Things change within organizations all the time. Sometimes a change in decision-maker, budget, or corporate structure can put your solution back on the map. Oftentimes, though, the lead won’t think about your services right away when these changes occur – so it’s important to stay top of mind. You can use features in your marketing automation platform to keep these lists, set automated reminders for future dates, and you could even automate the outreach (though we recommend personalizing any communications you send).


Prospects go dark for various reasons, from poor timing, to various circumstances out of their control. However, they might still be interested in working with your organization. Savvy organizations that sell to the law firms don’t make it easy to forget about them. Use these six strategies to re-engage leads who may have gone dark.

If you need help crafting content and lead nurturing campaigns to revive and convert disengaged leads, we can help.