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6 Tips to Improve your Law Firm’s Content Performance

by Vondrae McCoy • October 7th, 2020 • Content Marketing | Blog

Law Firm's ContentIf you follow our blog, you’ve heard it before: content is king. In today’s world, good content isn’t good enough – your content needs to be great. Content should be well-written, relevant, and valuable to your intended audience. Here are six of our favorite tips for creating high-performing content that will help your law firm meet its goals.

1. Incorporate keywords in headings and text. 

Keywords are very important when you are writing content to attract targeted traffic from search engines. Help your content perform better across search engines by incorporating targeted keywords throughout the text. Try to work the most important ones into the title or headings. It’s also helpful to use keywords in “alt” image descriptions and captions.

2. Create headlines that make people want to read more.

Accurately describe the content and what readers can expect if they keep reading. In today’s online world filled with click-bait, people want to understand at a glance if the content they’ve landed on will actually help them or provide the information they are looking for. Ensure that headlines set the right expectations and won’t end up with readers being let down. When it comes to crafting headlines, read rates for headlines that describe benefits tend to be much higher.

3. Improve the flow of your writing.

So you’ve created a strong headline that made people click – now what? Ideally your writing will lead readers from point to point, and from paragraph to paragraph. Don’t create paragraphs that are too long or awkwardly split, or content that is too verbose. Not everyone feels comfortable with their writing skills, so it’s worth working with professional writers to create natural content that proceeds in a logical and helpful way.

4. Add relevant and interesting images that can enhance your points.

In a recent BuzzSumo study of over 1 million articles, those with images peppered in every 75 to 100 words got twice as many shares as those with fewer images. Visuals add interest, but place them where they naturally relate to or expand on the text. Examples, screenshots, or other graphics can really add to your content.

5. Display value immediately.

If readers don’t see why they should care about your content within the first paragraph, they’ll bounce from the page. People with serious intent will move on to the next article that gets to the point. Focus on writing a first paragraph that captures the attention of the average internet user.

6. Direct readers with a compelling call-to-action (CTA).

The highest performing content inspires action and then drives people to that action. The best CTAs are tied into the content so that clicking it feels like a natural progression. They use strong persuasive language and also link action words in the CTA sentence. We also suggest making sure the CTA is in bolded text or color. 


Apply these 6 important best practices if you want to improve your law firm’s content performance. Truly standout content isn’t based on just one or two best practices, but the combination of several strong tactics coming together. A great introduction, the right use of graphics, and a strong CTA all contribute to content that your audience finds truly interesting and valuable. Creating consistently powerful content over time will expand your audience and generate new leads that can grow your practice. 

Do you need help creating quality content? We’ve got the largest cadre of experienced legal writers and journalists in the industry, helping to take your idea and write the content as if you had the time to write it yourself. Let our experienced content professionals help you tell your story. Contact us today for a consultation.

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