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12 Custom Google Analytics Reports Every Legal Marketer Needs

by Talia Schwartz • July 20th, 2020 • Measurement and Analytics | Blog

google analytics for legal marketersGoogle Analytics is an essential web analytics component for every legal marketer’s toolbox. Through the use of Google Analytics, legal marketers can uncover a tremendous amount of data about their law firm’s website that can be used to enhance marketing and business development strategies. But Google Analytics surfaces so much data, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Google Analytics provides several helpful pre-configured reports, but the ability to create custom reports from scratch is what allows legal marketers to gain the most insight. With custom reports, you can get the data that is most important to your firm, helping you gain a better understanding of what is happening on your website. Here’s a list of custom report templates we recommend legal marketers create right away.

Not familiar with custom reports, or think you need a refresher? Check out our blog post on creating custom Google analytics reports for a quick review.

12 Custom Google Analytics Report Templates for Legal Marketers

1. Browser Report:

Incompatibility with certain browsers can be a big source of waste in a legal marketer’s digital efforts. Create goal-related metrics and then segment by browser and device. 

2. Visitor Acquisition Efficiency Analysis Report:

This sounds complex, but it’s really just a way to organize key metrics that reveal the efficiency and performance of each stream of traffic to your website. Setting up this report allows you to see total sessions, unique users, new users, goal conversion rate and goal value per session. 

3. Client Behavior Report:

Setting up this report will help you to see how behavior varies between new and returning users in terms of overall traffic, conversion patterns and event completion.

4. Mobile Performance Report:

In today’s digital environment, it’s essential to understand how well your website serves mobile users. This report will help you to see where optimizations can be made. Did you know that mobile accounts for approximately half of the web traffic worldwide (Statista)?

5. Site Diagnostics: Page Timing Report:

This report was created by an innovative Account Executive at the agency Digitaria. It reveals problematic pages that need your attention, such as those with a high bounce rate or those with too long of a load time. 

6. Hours and Days Report:

This shows you which day of the week and at which times your content receives the most engagement. Track this information over a span of months to better time blog posts and content publishing. 

7. Referring Site Report:

Referral traffic is tremendously helpful to your law firm’s website, and this report helps you to understand which referral sites provide the most value (not just traffic, but actual goal conversions as well). 

8. Content Efficiency Report:

Any content marketer wants to understand which content is most engaging, which delivers the most value, and which subject matter is most relevant. This custom Google Analytics report helps legal marketers answer those questions and optimize content accordingly. 

9. Traffic Acquisition from Social Media Report:

It’s important to put more effort into the channels that contribute to revenue. This report helps you tie your social efforts into website activity, proving which social platforms translate to tangible results. Learn how to create this report here

10. SEO: Referring Pages Report:

Part of the Google Analytics starter bundle, this report is a great way to gauge the effectiveness of your link building efforts and track the top referring links to your website. Pay attention to the “Referral Path” column to learn which pages your referral links are coming from.

11. SEO Insights for Google Organic (not provided) Report:

Many digital marketers struggle to gain insight on their “not provided” keywords. This Google Organic Insights Custom Report shows the landing page URLs along with their page titles, which can give you an idea of keyword themes. Now you can see all of the landing pages where the (not provided) keywords send traffic to.

12. Keyword Analysis Report:

This report provides your most popular keywords (excluding the ones encrypted by Google, of course) alongside visitor metrics, conversion rates, goal completions and page load time for each one. 


Google Analytics is an essential analytics tool for any legal marketer. By using a mixture of pre-created custom reports and standard reports, you can gain valuable insight into your website users. You’re bound to find key insights and data that you hadn’t expected, leading to a more robust return on investment (ROI).

If your law firm is looking for a marketing agency that can help you leverage the power of Google Analytics, contact us today.

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